Shah, Shipra

“Life surprises you if you follow your dreams;
And leads you to your true calling.”

Shipra is an ardent and passionate watercolour and botanical artist.  She is equally fascinated by the tremendous variety on display in the exhilarating flora and fauna in this beautiful country. Her eye for detail and perseverance to translate it into her work has been consistent. Her motto is, “simplicity breeds extraordinary work”.
She has followed this passion for over 20 years, starting with a 5 year degree in fine arts from a premier art institute. Her strengths are watercolour, pencil sketching/shading and detailing in both the mediums.
She recently got an honourable mention from the Botanical Art Society of Australia in 2019 for her artwork and artist of the season in the Botanical Art Queensland newsletter. Over the years her works include illustration jobs for elite clothing brands and other merchandise, workshops for large corporate houses and detailed watercolour paintings.
During her initial years she lived in a splendid town home surrounded with flora and fauna where she started enjoying gardening and collecting leaves and intriguing remains of plants which sparked her interest in botanical art.
Her inspiration and creativity is at its peak in the wee hours of the mornings when she is out and about admiring the nature. It is here that she developed a special affinity towards native Australian botanicals.
This combined with her passion for watercolour painting gave her the fuel to start formal training in Watercolour and Botanical Art after which she has never looked back. She is now a well-recognized watercolour and botanical artist, tutor and illustrator.

Watercolour and Botanical art is her spirit’s true passion.

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