Keene, Edwina

Hailing from UK, I have worked as an illustrator for over 40 years, mainly in publishing.
I moved to Australia in 1996, where I broadened my skills studying creative visual arts before teaching the foundations of art and design in various institutions including graphic design college, Billy Blue. During this time, I also completed an MA in Art Therapy, which I practised for several years. Commissions for my illustration work, though still varied in content, were becoming more oriented towards horticulture and botany.
I enjoy working with gouache, ink and graphite, but lately I find I am particularly drawn to watercolour, for its vibrancy, spontaneous, organic quality and luminous properties enabling transparent layer-building.
Eight years ago I bought a house on a large plot. The challenge has been to turn this patch of land (mostly gum trees, sand and rocks with a few azaleas & camelias) into the beautiful garden it now is, planted with both native Australian and exotic flora. It has become both my inspiration and something of an obsession. Deciding to specialise in botanical illustration, I completed the Society of Botanical Artist’s Distant Learning Diploma in 2018 with an Award of Excellence. This has further nurtured an intimacy and deep connection to plants which I am continuing to pursue in my studio in the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.
My botanical/horticultural artwork is featured in various publications, including –
• Doctors’ Favourite Natural Remedies (Readers Digest, 2015)
• Native Plants of the Sydney Region (Allen & Unwin, 2010)
• Care-Free Plants (Readers Digest, 2010)
• Waterwise Gardening (Readers Digest, 2010)
• Encyclopedia of Garden Design (Weldon Owen, 2004)
• Roses (Harper Collins, 2002)
• Encyclopedia of Annuals and Perennials (Weldon Owen, 2002)